In-Ja Kitchen with Wordplay Magazine

So I wrote a rap about cooking, Wordplay Mag liked it, and I’m now doing an In-Ja Kitchen bit in each mag that comes out. Check out the first one below – next one up will be Fish n Chips….

Summer Dates

Here’s a list of where I’m at this Summer….


Rapper turned historian…

So I’ve just finished a load of work with a group called Historyworks and another called Cycle of Songs. The whole point was to try and write a rap based on the history of slavery in Cambridge. There were two blokes I wrote about: Olaudah Equiano and Thomas Clarkson. You should look them up. I learnt a lot and worked with a dope choir and also felt a bit shit that after hundreds of years this shit is still going on. So I wrote about that too.

Check out the interview here



Poets versus Rappers

Thanks to Cambridge Junction and Festival of Ideas we just smashed a sell out show – Poets versus Rappers. 3 poets, 3 rappers, each got 15 minutes to prove their skills. Everyone smashed it and audience was nuts.

Big up to the rappers – Jimmy Danger aka Audio Danger, Skuff, Courtz, Deanna Rodger (poet in disguise).

Big up to the poets – Hollie McNish, Mark Grist, Stephen Morrison Burke, Michelle Madsen.

Big up to Martin Goodman Photography

Check them all out if you haven’t already. Poets won. Whatever!


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Fuck it, I’m a published rapper!

So I just finished a project about bmxing, cycling, skating. Why it’s so good and what makes it hard to do on the roads we share with cars and people walking really slow…was a great project. I ran workshops in lyric writing, co-wrote a spoken word / rap piece with poet Hollie McNish about getting out on your bike / skate and made a video with the kids directed by me and rapper Skuff. But now, just heard that a woman in the US liked the piece so much she’s gonna publish it.

So fuck it. I’m a published rapper now! Profits of the book go to youth charities.

Check out the video –

Check out the book at Green Writers Press