Rapper turned historian…

So I’ve just finished a load of work with a group called Historyworks and another called Cycle of Songs. The whole point was to try and write a rap based on the history of slavery in Cambridge. There were two blokes I wrote about: Olaudah Equiano and Thomas Clarkson. You should look them up. I learnt a lot and worked with a dope choir and also felt a bit shit that after hundreds of years this shit is still going on. So I wrote about that too.

Check out the interview here



Poets versus Rappers

Thanks to Cambridge Junction and Festival of Ideas we just smashed a sell out show – Poets versus Rappers. 3 poets, 3 rappers, each got 15 minutes to prove their skills. Everyone smashed it and audience was nuts.

Big up to the rappers – Jimmy Danger aka Audio Danger, Skuff, Courtz, Deanna Rodger (poet in disguise).

Big up to the poets – Hollie McNish, Mark Grist, Stephen Morrison Burke, Michelle Madsen.

Big up to Martin Goodman Photography

Check them all out if you haven’t already. Poets won. Whatever!


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Fuck it, I’m a published rapper!

So I just finished a project about bmxing, cycling, skating. Why it’s so good and what makes it hard to do on the roads we share with cars and people walking really slow…was a great project. I ran workshops in lyric writing, co-wrote a spoken word / rap piece with poet Hollie McNish about getting out on your bike / skate and made a video with the kids directed by me and rapper Skuff. But now, just heard that a woman in the US liked the piece so much she’s gonna publish it.

So fuck it. I’m a published rapper now! Profits of the book go to youth charities.

Check out the video –

Check out the book at Green Writers Press


Reeps One is a Don

My album is done. Mixed. Pressed. I’m well excited. Check it out here. Aside from the music though, I just have to big up Reeps One for his artwork. One of the world’s best beatboxers and an amazing artist and illustrator. Cheers bro.

Check out the album cover he did below. Check out the rest of Reeps One’s artwork here.

Album Reeps One



Fat Love – Bass Music Escapism